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Michael B. Klein, D.D.S, M.S.D, P.C. | Testimonials in New York

Michael B. Klein, D.D.S, M.S.D, P.C.

693 5th Ave, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10022
between 54st and 55th on 5th ave


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Doctor Klein is exactly what I wished for in a cosmetic dentist; a meticulous artist that I could trust.  He made me feel good about my other attributes and then gave me a smile that I could feel confident about.  The work he did on my teeth has changed my life on so many levels.  I am forever grateful that I found him because I believe that my professional and romantic life would not be what they are today if not for his work.

Before I met Dr. Klein I was just another 20 something young lady in New York City trying to find a decent job and my prince charming.  I was blessed with physical symmetry and a good head on my shoulders but when it came to making impressions professionally and romantically I felt unconfident because I had spaces between all of my upper front teeth and, while they were all even (I comforted myself with that fact), the reality was that my teeth made me look like a child and how could anyone take me seriously as an adult.  Companies don’t feel comfortable hiring a person who looks too young to blend in with the professional world and, of course the dating world was another story all together.

My singing coach gently hinted to me that to make it as a performer in the city I should think about “enhancing” my looks by getting my teeth done.  Another time I was in film audition with an Italian artistic director behind the camera.  Once I finished reading, he came around to my side, positioned his hand so that he could study face without seeing my mouth, and then he said something to me in Italian that I didn’t understand except for the word denti.  The strange thing is that I felt fine at that moment and responded to him in English that I was thinking to get my teeth done. Then I walked out and without a thought in my mind, I burst into tears.

At some point I heard about a well-known dentist in the city so I set up an appointment.  Upon stepping into his office he asked how old I was. I told him 25. He replied to me, “Such a beautiful face and you’ve been walking around with teeth like that for 25 years?”  Is there a correct response to that double sided compliment?  Needless to say I did not go with that man and was lucky to receive a recommendation for Dr. Klein.

Of course I had apprehensions about getting my teeth done. Will he shave my teeth down?  How long will they last?  How much money will I have to set aside?  All of these questions were simply me trying to validate a decision that in retrospect was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself and my future.

-Rachel Gross



Michael B. Klein has been our dentist for over 38 years, and we consider Dr. Klein to be the best dentist in New York City. The quality of his work is second to none.  Dr. Klein’s work on both of our teeth has never had any negative repercussions. We consider Dr. Klein a personal family friend, as well as our life long dentist.

His professional demeanor has never wavered in his personal care.  We are proud of our smiles and the overall health of our gums and teeth.  We would recommend Dr. Klein to anyone that requires a “top flight” dentist.


- Charles and Marie Greenhalgh

New Jersey

I highly recommend Dr. Michael Klein as a top-notch dentist who is always up-to-date with the latest in dental care. His office is extremely convenient for someone who works in the city everyday. I began going to Dr. Klein over 30 years ago on the recommendation of my father, who is still a big fan. Dr. Klein put me on a track towards great dental health, which I will always appreciate. I also believe that Dr. Klein cares for his patients as though they are family. He once invited me to his home so that I could take his grown children's Lil' Tykes toy collection for my young children. Every time I visit, Dr. Klein always compliments me on how healthy my teeth are, but I know it is really the result of his meticulous and thorough dental care and advice that got me there. Thank you for everything Dr. Klein!


- Mike Lyman

"As someone with problematic teeth all my life, I feel incredibly lucky to have Michael Klein as my dentist.  I would never have thought 10 years ago when I first met Dr. Klein, that it would be possible to have a smile I would love to flash.

To detail the work that Dr. Klein has done to get me here would take mulitiple paragraphs as it has more the characteristics of a long term architectural/engineering project than something undertaken in one individual's mouth.  Through all of it Dr. Klein has demonstrated a superior knowledge base and diagnostic skill and superb technique - I gues it would also take multiple paragraphs for me to list all of his attributes - so I'll just say here that Dr. Klein is an enormously patient, meticulous, and prodigiously gifted dentist.  

One anecdote (from my warehouse of them) serves to illustrate Dr. Klein's willingness to accomodate his patients: Through my own carelessness I broke a temporary bridge (spanning all my frotn teeth!) the day before an important trip.  I panicked.  Dr. Klein calmed me down and gave me an emergency appointment wherein he made me another bridge and during which, sitting in the chair, I had to take numerous long distance phone calls regarding a real estate transaction.  If that weren't enough, I required a notary public to sign a document.  Dr. Klein located a lawyer in the building who was a notary, called him and convinced him to wait for me even though the former was just leaving his office!  All this in the middle of my appointment.

And it was a beautiful bridge." 

- Alison Jarvis

"Dr. Michael Klein has been my dentist for over 35 years. Recently, after a hair line fracture in my front tooth, Dr. Klein looked at the situation,developed a plan for the removal of the tooth, and then created a series of new crowns and veneers which left me looking and feeling terrific.He accomplished this in record time,with a minimum of discomfort, and stunning results.

My main residence is in the Hampton's, however,I come in to New York to see Dr. Klein as I am convinced that there is not better dentist anywhere. He addresses the situation at hand with thoughtfulness. He is always on time,flexible,and more importantly a master at the art of cosmetic dentistry.

I would highly recommend that anyone who is in the market for cosmetic dentistry first visit with Dr. Klein. You will be delighted with the results."

- Jane Scudi Dell

"My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Klein for more than 32 years. While my husband has wonderful teeth, over the years, mine have given me nothing but problems. Time after time, Dr. Klein met each problem with an elegant solution; he is completely responsible for the smile I have today. Not only is he an excellent dentist, concerned with aesthetics, functionality, and hygiene, but Dr. Klein takes the time to stay on the cutting edge of the dentistry field, and his patients benefit from his knowledge. And importantly, Dr. Klein is compassionate, and extremely concerned for his patents’ welfare. On many occasions Dr. Klein has opened his office just for me when I had a dental emergency that occurred outside of office hours. I wish that I could have drawn a better hand when it comes to teeth. But, given the hand I was dealt, I consider myself most fortunate to have Dr. Klein come to the rescue. "

- Monica

"I have been a patient of Dr. Michael B. Klein for more than 31 years and a patient of his father before him, Dr. Ira Klein, from 1948 until his retirement."
"This loyalty, I believe speaks highly of my confidence in Dr .Klein’s ability and my satisfaction. He is always aware of the appropriate new techniques for maintaining dental health. Although I am a former New York City resident and formally employed there, my visit to his office now takes a three hour round trip, which, I believe fortifies my faith in his skill and professionalism."

- Edwina G. Weisheit

Dear Dr. Klein,

"Anyone looking for a dentist who is at the top of his profession can find none better than Michael B. Klein. He has a calm demeanor, is patient, thorough, and takes pride in his work, which is of the highest quality. I would highly recommend him."


-V. Michael

"There are three things a woman can’t live without: a good dentist, a good mechanic and someone who really knows how to cut hair.

Two of them I am in constant search of. But the good dentist, I have.

Dr. Michael Klein has been my dentist for over 25 years. I found him after too many years had gone by without him, and he saved my mouth. I really don’t know what I would have done without him. He is the ultimate professional. He is meticulous, a perfectionist, and won’t stop until he gets it just right. His crowns fit smoother than the original teeth. His eye is perfect and his work permanent.

I highly recommend him and wouldn’t travel the 2 ½ hours into Manhattan from the Eastern End of Long Island for anyone else."

- Zoe Kamitses

"I'm a 100 years old on my way to 101. I have been a patient of Dr.Klein's since 1977 and still going strong. He took excellent care of me since I still have all my teeth at my age. I would highly recommend him, since his personality makes you feel good while he is drilling away. His staff is very helpful and wonderful to me."

- Mildred Goldstein

"For the last twenty years, I have been a patient of Dr. Micheal Klein, D.D.S.,. I have the ultimate respect , trust and praise in his impeccable dentistry and artistry. It has been a very satisfying experience."

- Youseff Rizkallah

"I have been a patient of Dr. Michael Klein for more that twenty years. He is an excellent dentist who takes pride in the quality of his work. He is so good I travel from Connecticut to use his services. I recommend him to anyone looking for quality dentistry."

- Kenneth W. Perlman, Attorney at Law

"I was cursed with bad teeth and blessed to be referred to Dr. Klein. He is a kind, compassionate and caring professional in every manner. Utilizing the latest state of the art equipment in his modern and stylish office suite, Dr. Klein delivers extraordinary treatment with the support of a well-trained and personable staff.

While I expected a professional presentation and demeanor, I did not expect Dr. Klein to be so interested in me, not just as a patient but also as a person. His warm sense of humor, gentle approach to dentistry and his personal honesty and integrity serve his patients well and are testament to his success.

Dr. Klein’s respect for the practice of dentistry is evident in his thorough and complete knowledge of how best to work with each individual patient. I have been Dr. Klein’s patient for almost ten years and the professional care he has given me has exceeded my expectations and delighted me with a healthy and beautiful smile."

- Bill Peters

"Thanks to Dr. Michael Klein, I am grateful to have a mouthful of teeth at the age of 92. I was fortunate to have met Dr. Klein. He was referred to me by his father when I visited him. When Dr. Ira Klein saw my teeth, he was aghast. He said that he couldn't help me, but his son, Michael, might be of help to me. Dr. Klein accepted the challenge. He labored like a slave for a period of six months. He has been dutifully taking care of my teeth for the last 32 years. Every time I place food in my mouth, I am reminded of his patience, his sympathy, and his extraordinary care. I am certain that all patients of Dr. Michael Klein have the same experience."

- Lewis Mittman

"Dr Michael Klein is a cosmetic genius. After a serious childhood accident I was left with severely damaged front teeth. Dr Klein gave me a beautiful smile which I am very proud of today. As a 20 year plus patient I would never go anywhere else."

- Paulette Garafalo

"As Dr. Klein's patient since 1975, I recommend his skills and the meticulous care that attends all the work he does. His conscientious preventive regimen has spared me trouble more than once, and I am delighted to recommend him."

- Phil Chamberlain

"I have been a patient of Dr. Klein's for many years.  His work has been excellent, exceeding my  expectations. Dr. Klein has always given me sound advice and I am delighted to recommend him."

-Patricia Altshuler

"For more than thirty years I have been a patient of Doctor Klein.  When I came to him after years of "band-aid" dentistry, he took over, and now I am very proud of my smile, and oral health.  Doctor Klein is a very kind, and professional dentist." 

-Mary Sowka

Dear Dr. Klein, 

I would like to thank you for incredible skill and service! Originally I came to you for a simple bonding and I have to say there is nothing simple about the beautiful veneer you gave me.

I recently needed your service to repair a broken bridge. You not only fixed the problem but fashioned a solution that I feel is better than the original work.

It has been a couple of months since this work was completed and I can say that every meal I have had since has been enjoyable without any problems what so ever. I can eat anything I want!!!
I enjoy a great smile and confidence of appearance that I have not felt in quite a long time. Your artistry is nothing short of genius.

Your staff made me feel at home and was able through you to accommodate my emergency situation and schedule me without any more discomfort.
Thank you so much!

Maria (JENNI)

I have known Dr. Michael Klein since he was in dental school. He was the son of our family's dentist, and his father, Dr. Ira, would proudly show us scientific illustrations that Michael had done for fun Those drawings had the most amazing accuracy and precision, and you could tell right there that Michael was going to be a truly careful and exacting practitioner of the dental arts. He has always been exactly that for me, ever since he came into his father's practice. Every crown, bridge, laminate -- you name it -- has been perfection. I would never go to anyone else -- not even my husband's best friend who is also a very good NYU trained dentist and would do the work at cost!

- Katie Emmet Peterson

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